Gas Hose

Commercial gas hoses are the only appropriate connections for commercial equipment.Sometimes operators buy residential gas hoses to save money for their gas connections.This may seem like a cost-saver, but think about the costs down the line.The gas hose on movable equipment could always crack or break.This is a dangerous scenario with potential to cause equipment or facility fires.

Safety is the first reason not to use residential gas hoses in a commercial setting. Residential gas hoses are designed for a one time connection. These types are not to be removed until the connected home appliance is no longer operational.

The two types of Gas Hoses

Stainless steel hose: This type of gas hose has the advantages of anti-aging, high temperature resistance, rat bite prevention, anti-shedding, corrosion resistance and long life. The price of the stainles steel gas hose is more expensive than the plain pvc gas pipe.The use of the stainless steel hose needs to be careful not to disturb the back and forth, which can damage the gas hose and result to having to change the pipe.

PVC Gas Hose: The pcv gas hose is generally divided into three layers.The inmost layer is the pvc black rubber inner tube, the middle is the steel wire explosion-proof net, and the outermost layer is the pvc protective layer.The explosion-proof net plays the role of hung the pvc inner tube, and the protective layers acts as a flame retardant to prevent rat bites and sputum.