Flanged Hoses

Flanged hose fittings are fittings that have a fixed flange. We can know that the product consists of a fitting and a flange. The material of the fitting is usually SS 304 or SS 316. And the flange is made of SS 304. There is a serrated profile on the hose end of the flange coupling. There are also have different types of Angle Flange Heads. Flanged Hose Fittings can be divided into six different types.

What are Flanged Hoses used for?

Flanges are used to connect pipes, valves, pumps and other parts to form a piping system. Flanges are usually bolted or welded. Using flanges allows one person to easily repair and maintain the piping system. Instead of pulling the entire pipe out for inspection, a small section of pipe can be inspected for the defect using a flange. The flange allows for easy inspection and cleaning of a pipeline. Two flanges are bolted together using a gasket between them to seal. Flanges are used in the chemical, petroleum, and oil and gas industries. Important types of flanges are slip-on flanges, weld-on flanges, socket flanges, blind flanges, lap flanges, threaded flanges etc. There are some special types of flanges, namely hole flanges, expansion flanges, reducing flanges, nipo flanges, long weld flanges and neck flanges.

Advantages of flanged hoses:

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