Flanged Hoses/Couplings

Flange couplings are very extensively used across the industry mostly to connect sections of pipelines and to join them with flexible hoses as well.The flanged hose couplings is sealed and screwed together with bolts right onto the circumference of the flange.

Is Flange a Fitting?

A flange is just a connection of pipes, where the pieces that connect have flanges by which the differen parts are bolted together. Although the word flange generally refers to the actual raised rimof a fitting, many are known as flanges on their own.

Flanged Hose

In this context a flanged hose is hand built rubber hose joined together by flange fittings for all different uses.

Furnace coolant hose: It is designed to convey cooling water in steel mills, where a hose is required to withstand heat radiation, open flame and splashes of white-hot metals. It can be supplied with plain or flanged ends.

Water delivery hose: A medium-duty, all purpose water delivery hose for use in indusrial plants,mines,construction and agriculture etc.

Water suction and Delivery Hose: Designed for water suction & discharge service, where a rugged yet flexible hose is required by industry, building & fire-fighting.

Pulp and Slurry Hose Hard Wall: Designed for heavy duty slurry suction and delivery operations in quarry and mining industries where a long lasting hose is required.

Concrete Placement Hose: This hose is used for the placement of concrete to the casting location in shaft sinking and construction applications.

The above mentioned hoses are just a touch on all the different types of flanged hoses we have here at Hoses and Couplings.