Stainless Steel Flexi Hoses

Flexible Metallic hose or Industrial stainless steel hoses, an important structural part in engineering technology, is composed of bellow elements, stainless steel wire braid and end connections.

Metallic hose is being used as a compensating element, sealing element, connecting element and damping element in a variety of gas and liquid transmission pipeline systems, as well as the length, temperature, position and angle compensation systems.

HOSE AND COUPLINGS are suppliers of flexible braided metallic hoses or Industrial stainless steel hoses, Teflon lined metallic hoses which offer high strength, resistance to high and low temperature extremes and superior corrosive resistance in a variety of media, especially harsh media. Our hoses are designed to absorb vibration, ideal for misaligned piping, and couple moving parts, machinery or equipment.

HOSE AND COUPLINGS stainless steel flex convoluted hoses or Industrial stainless steel hoses are available from ¼” to 8” , flexible metallic hose assemblies can be custom fabricated in various lengths, depending on the nominal bore of the hose, sizes above 2” are somewhat restricted in length. End connection options include screwed joints, flange connections and quick disconnect couplings. When ordering along with the length of the hose i.e. nominal bore and end fittings, it is very important to please specify the pressure, application and temperature, this ensures the correct hose is quoted and supplied and is suitable for that specific application.

Application For Stainless Steel Flexi Hoses

Here are some of the typical applications for Industrial Stainless Steel Hoses or Stainless Steel Flexi Hoses:

What to consider when getting Stainless Steel Flexi Hoses

Remember the following factors when selecting Industrial Stainless Steel Hoses or Stainless Steel Flexi Hoses?