HOSE AND COUPLINGS supplies a wide range of standard and customized industrial and mining coupling products. These products include soft start fluid industrial couplings, to name a few such as cam and Groove couplers, Camlocks, Kamvlocs, Storz couplers, Bauer Couplers, Perrot Couplers, hydraulic quick couplers both ball and pin type. Included in our industrial coupling range are Nickel plated Ball Valves, Brass Gate Valves, Foot Valves and other Industrial related accessories such as Brass fittings and Hose Clamps.
Our mining couplings as well include a wide range, most commonly used couplers in our catalogue are Everfast Couplers,Quickfit Couplers, Claw Couplers, Lubricator bottles, safety whip checks, hose menders and heavy duty mining hose clamps.

Industrial and mining sectors such as, Heavy Duty mining, quarrying, mineral processing e.g. cement and power generation regularly use our diversified coupling products.


   •  Petro-Chemical
   •  Agricultural
   •  Bulk Material Handling 
   •  Transport 
   •  Construction & Heavy Industry

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