HOSE AND COUPLINGS’ PVC industrial hoses have proven to be exceptionally efficient in low to medium pressure air and water functions. Our PVC industrial hose are available in a wide range of products. Product ranges include Mining Hose(SANS 1086),air and water hoses(reinforced and non-reinforced), water suction hose, hose for agricultural use such as dragline, crop spray hose, heavy duty garden hose, PVC lay flat hose, included are food grade nontoxic and light flexible PVC ducting hose.

Our hose products are all engineered and manufactured with high quality, high standard PVC polymers and compounds.

Our Industrial hoses are widely used in the industrial and mining sector for conveying air, water, petroleum, LPG gas, weak acids and alkalis as well as oil based products. PVC hose supplied by HOSE AND COUPLINGS are manufactured to stringent specifications, a complete range of PVC and composite hose are available in a comprehensive range suited for various applications and pressure ratings.

As one of South Africa’s largest local suppliers, with a large customer base throughout Africa, we ensures an extensive stock holding of small bore hose to accommodate speedy efficient delivery along with competitive pricing. Our large bore PVC hose range from 11/2" to 8" and are limited to a maximum of 30m in length. HDPE pipe vary in length, depending on Size and Class (pressure rating), we supply HDPE pipe stubbed, flanged as well as plain ended, specific lengths according to customer specification.

We ensure immediate availability of small bore hose depending on volumes, and best-in-class turnaround times on custom large bore orders. Enquire, or phone now for technical advice, delivery and pricing!

The basic information in selecting the correct Hose for your application required can be obtained in detail when making an enquiry or request for quotation from Hose and Couplings for Africa. These are:

   •  Size: The length and inside diameter.
   •  Temperature: Temperature of the medium transported.
   •  Application: What is the medium conveyed through the hose? 
   •  Material: A specific PVC hose or polymer to withstand the application. 
   •  Pressure: The working pressure and the required safety margin? 
   •  Ends: Are couplings required or plain ended and if so a detailed description of the coupling? 
   •  Delivery: Lead time.

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