Different Hoses and Applications

There are different types of PVC hoses such as:

At home, you can find PVC hoses in your garden, on handheld showerheads in the bathroom, and under your kitchen sink. 
Go to your vehicle and you will find PVC hoses that play an essential role in the operation of your engine. A PVC hose is used as a pressure relief in the crankcase to keep oil from blowing out of a seal. 
Farmers use PVC auger hoses and steel hoses to irrigate fields and spray crops with pesticides and additives. They also use it as a transfer device to carry grain, flour, and even gas and fuel. For industrial applications, PVC hydraulic hoses are used in machines in manufacturing plants. 
In the oil and gas industry, steel armoured hoses make PVC hoses corrosion resistant and static. This makes it a suitable choice for pumping high-pressure and explosive liquids and gases. The same reinforcement also makes it useful for transferring sludge through suction hoses in the construction, chemical and automotive industries. 

Braid reinforced PVC hose is most commonly used in agriculture, fishing, engineering and household items. It can transfer liquids and gases such as  

As you can see, PVC is used in a wide variety of applications around the world. It is one of the most versatile hoses in the PVF industry, accounting for more than 82% of hose sales. This is partly because PVC is so cheap. In addition, it is ideal for applications that are not exposed to extreme temperatures, UV radiation or chemicals. It's a lightweight hose with many different uses, making it a big seller.

As one of South Africa's largest local suppliers, with a large customer base throughout Africa, we ensures an extensive stock holding of small bore hose to accommodate speedy efficient delivery along with competitive pricing. Our large bore PVC hose range from 11/2' to 8' and are limited to a maximum of 30m in length. HDPE pipe vary in length, depending on Size and Class (pressure rating), we supply HDPE pipe stubbed, flanged as well as plain ended, specific lengths according to customer specification.

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